Gamma Log > Puzzle C


You will need to unlock a series of padlocks.

Unlock them all and solve the puzzle that will follow.

Padlock 1

Padlock 1: Picture

Be careful to go through all the points


Padlock 2 :

What is the year of birth of Obi-Wan Kenobi as a character ?

Padlock 3 : (with maps)

Give directions to get from one village to another :
- You leave Couffouleux to go to Rouffiac.
- Then you head towards Lasgraisses.
- Once you arrive, you decide to go to Guitalens-L’Albarède.
- Finally you will picnic in Lacrouzette.

Once everyone has unlocked their 3rd padlock, you will be able to place BillSteveJeff and Xavier in their shuttle seat. Note the order and recreate it in the next Quiz session.